Practice Areas

What Is Litigation?

Litigators are courtroom lawyers who can handle a variety of disputes on behalf of a wide array of clients.  Representing major corporations, medium and small businesses as well as individuals, litigators represent clients on matters ranging from contract disputes and property issues to civil and criminal liability.

Criminal Justice and White Collar Crime

More than you would expect, the state and federal governments assertively bring criminal actions and investigations against private citizens and businesses, often with the risk of significant penalties and sanctions, including heavy fines and jail.  

A seasoned litigator helps defendants navigate the often maddening criminal justice system in order to exonerate them or, when appropriate, strive to minimize the consequences.

Matrimonial Litigation and Divorce

Divorce and other matrimonial proceedings cause individuals legal and painful emotional issues.  We are sensitive to clients in these difficult situations.  As an experienced litigation firm, we manage the length and costs of a divorce, focusing on issues so that they are resolved rapidly and the parties can move on with their lives.

Insurance Litigation

Frequently, lawsuits are filed in an effort to recoup a speedy recovery.  In representing carriers, knowledgeable litigators will pursue rapid evaluation of the case, coupled with an aggressive investigation into all potential defenses.  In doing so, we reduce costs for both carriers and clients by permitting early decision-making with respect to trial, settlement or nuisance value.  

Business Litigation

Early understandings of the legal ramifications of business disputes is critical to deciding whether to engage in a costly lawsuit.  A good litigator should be consulted before a lawsuit erupts to determine the best and most cost-effective path forward.  If litigation has started or is inevitable, a good litigator works with the client to cut a clear path forward toward cost-efficient resolution or, if necessary, trial.

Other Litigation Issues?

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