About Us

David P. Turchi, Esq.

David has practiced law in the City and State of New York for over 15 years.  From his time as an Assistant District Attorney with the Bronx District Attorney's Office, he has practiced both civil and criminal litigation.  He works for insurance carriers, corporations and individuals in navigating the court system in both civil and criminal matters.  He identifies legal issues quickly to develop an effective, cost-conscious strategy in a short amount of time.    

Experience Matters

For over 15 years, David has tried cases before judges and juries in New York, filed hundreds of motions on behalf of his clients, argued appeals, and advised clients on a wide variety of cases from criminal and civil liability, insurance matters, property and commercial disputes, to matrimonial cases.  He has worked in federal and state governments, private firms, and is skilled at working with them, and against them, in court.

The Straight Talk

David's experience with public service, corporations and individuals has taught him the value of direct and frank client communications.  Only by being open and honest with his clients, can he best evaluate with them the best path forward, prepare for trial, focus on the optimal goals and work toward the most effective solution.